How to sell safely online

Selling on an online marketplace is a cost-effective way of making money, providing a great opportunity to get exposure in front of a huge audience and delivering the best price for your wares.

Whilst online auction houses are reputable places to buy and sell, if you’re new to selling this way, you may have some reservations. If so, you’re in the right place! We can help you get selling with confidence.

The vast majority of online auction sites have security systems in place to prevent any problems from occurring but to put your mind at ease, we’ve also compiled a list of ways you can keep on top of your online selling in a safe way:

  1. Carefully and thoroughly read the guidelines of the auction house in question, to help build your understanding of their individual rules and the systems in place.
  2. Spend time looking into the stipulations of security - what will or won't the auction house do in different scenarios, if things go wrong?
  3. Create am account name that differs from your email address to make it super secure.
  4. Ensure that all of your contact details are checked and updated regularly, and that you protect your account with a strong password (one that you don't use elsewhere).
  5. If possible, look into the buyer of your wares - what's their transaction history, have they been consistent and trustworthy?
  6. Be clear about the pricing and return policies of different auction houses.
  7. Check that your communications with the auction house and buyers are not blocked by spam filters.
  8. Don’t dispatch any items until payment has been made. At William George, you will receive a notification to inform you of payment, so that you don't release the goods before you've received the money.
  9. Always wait until the auction officially closes to sell; this guarantees a sale whilst ensuring you earn the highest bid possible in the time allotted.
  10. Finally, keep receipts for your own sale logs.

Many of these tips overlap with general online safety advice and so should be easy to remember. But it's worth noting that the need to be so stringent decreases when working with reputable businesses.

At William George, we are renowned for our trustworthiness (check out our Trustpilot reviews!) and the systems we have in place to protect both buyers and sellers. We handle all intermediary communication, making sure that you are kept in the loop as the seller, and aren't bombarded with questions.

We also have systems in place to ensure that payment is received prior to dispatch, whilst keeping all auctions running for the full duration, so that you never sell at a loss.

When it comes to selling online, you can rely on us to look after you and your goods to the highest standards. So, register today and get in on the action!